From the recording Right Into It

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Well, I heard about your new baby girl.
10 fingers 10 toes
With the life long love of your youngish life
Can't wait to see her as she grows.

I'll send a gift in the mail from Amazon.
I couldn't make it to your shower.
But I'll be there next time with little bells on.
I'll aim a little higher.

And I'm really happy for you
From the cellphone that I'm texting on
As I lay in my own room

And I'm really happy for you
For you

I heard they're on tour in Germany
You know those guys deserve it!
They're so talented, and beautiful on stage!
I know they're gonna kill it.

What's next on their horizon up ahead?
They're selling out at every show.
They're not even worried bout the rent anymore.
I got tickets, but I'll be in the last row.

I'm really happy for them
As I pull into my driveway
And i stare across the fence.

I'm really happy for them
For them

I finally left an abusive relationship
Doesn't seem my life is anything (anything, anything)
And my mood has suffered a dip (I’m so low)
I just want to make sense of everything (I don’t know, I don’t know)

A good day means not crying (crying)
But I'm safe when i come home at night (I’m free, I’m free)
And this time I'm not lying
Cause there's only me to fight

I'm really happy for me
I'm in a better place now
But still not where I should be

I'm really happy for me
I'm ok. (I'm ok.)