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Talisha Holmes

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"A powerfully earnest, groove-driven Soul experience featuring notable international influences propelled by a powerful, insistent voice. a truly unique soul experience." - Scott Woods of Scott's Groove Locker

From an introspective, quiet and inwardly expressive youth, to an outspoken peruser of the universe - there has been a world of evolution and change. This is the subject of her music.

Talisha Holmes has been committed to the art form since her first love of choral music and Art songs, to jazz (performing in jazz bands since the age of 15) and soul, blues, folk, rock, house, and other popular music. She's been writing and performing as long as she can remember. She speaks as candidly in her lyrics as she does in her personal life.

The album features her phenomenal, prolific musician friends and peers Brandon BJazz Scott, Doni Jai Washington, and Joshua Altfater.

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